Permanent Bureau

CIECA’s Permanent Bureau consists of the President, the Secretary-General Treasurer, the Deputy President, and a maximum of 7 Vice Presidents. According to the CIECA Statutes, the Permanent Bureau has full powers to manage and administer the Association. The (main) duties of the Permanent Bureau are:

  • to approve appropriate work programmes;
  • to make decisions concerning all events organised by the Association;
  • to create and dissolute of all permanent and temporary working groups;
  • to decide about cooperation with all public or private, national or international organisations working in areas related to the CIECA’s object;
  • the Permanent Bureau has a fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of the Association.

The members of the Permanent Bureau are:

  • Mr. Pat Delaney, DVA (Northern Ireland) | President
  • Mr. René Claesen, CBR (The Netherlands)  | Secretary General - Treasurer
  • Ms. Despoina Dimostheniadou, Ministry of Infrastructure & Transport (Greece) | Vice-President
  • Ms. Anne Mikkelsen (Danish Road Traffic Authority, Denmark) | Vice-President
  • Ms. Susana Paulino, IMT (Portugal) | Vice-President
  • Mr. Jan Schepmann, TÜV-Verband (Germany) | Vice-President
  • Mr. Philippe Usson, Ministère de l'Intérieur (France) | Vice-President