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2010-2013 ECOWILL Project: Ecodriving – Widespread Implementation for Learner Drivers and Licensed Drivers Austrian Energy Agency (AEA)

The ECOWILL project was launched in May 2010 and ended in April 2013. Its aim was to reduce carbon emissions by up to 8 Mt until 2015 by boosting the application of eco-driving all over Europe. To reach this ambitious target the project rolled out short duration eco-driving training programs for licensed drivers in 13 EU countries and at the same time promoted the education of learner drivers in eco-driving.

The main objectives of the project therefore were:

  • Integration of eco-driving in driving school curricula and driving tests
  • Establishment of minimum standards for contents and set up of eco-driving trainings and train-the-trainer seminars
  • Establishment of an eco-driving infrastructure which will keep the approach alive after the end of the project
  • Roll-out of (short-term) eco-driving trainings for licensed drivers

This 36-month-project was funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) programme of the European Commission and coordinated by the Austrian Energy Agency (AEA). CIECA was part of the "ECOWILL Advisory Board" (EAB) which assisted the ECOWILL consortium.

More information about the ECOWILL project can be found in the project description or on the ECOWILL project site.
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