CIECA Articles of Association

The first version of the CIECA Statutes dates 1996. The statutes were modified in 2004 and 2006.

The Articles of Association currently in force were accepted at the Malta General Assembly of 26 May 2011. The text was formally adopted in Belgian law at the Extraordinary General Assembly in Brussels on 10 February 2012.

Since then further modifications have been adopted: change of Article 19.2 at the Pfäffikon General Assembly of 30 May 2013, revision of Article 27 at the Dublin General Assembly of 5 June 2014, and revision of Article 32 at the Belfast General Assembly of 30 May 2018, and amendment of Art. 27 at Naples General Assembly of 8 June 2022.

Current version of the CIECA Statutes approved in 2022 can be found here (page accessible to members only).

For past CIECA General Assemblies, please click here (page accessible to Members only).