Training of the Examiner

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1998 Training of the Examiner CIECA

Directive 91/439/EEC stipulates that authorities responsible for issuing and renewing driving licenses must train and supervise their examiners to ensure correct implementation of the theoretical and practical driving tests according to its annex II. Despite the relatively precise stipulations of the Directive, there are still many differences between the countries as far as the conditions for access, training period, contents of the training, permanent education and quality control are concerned.

Participants from several countries (all of them CIECA members) discussed these issues in two workshops. The participants should all be considered as experts and as such, they have worked towards formulating a “best practice” and come to minimum recommendations for harmonisation in the above-mentioned areas.

This report describes the recommendations experts came to at the workshops as well as the preceding discussions.

Available documentation:

  • Reccommendations (EN)
  • Report Training of the examiner (EN)