Period Title Project manager
2004-2007 Minimum European Requirements for Driving Instructor Training Institut Gute Fahrt
The project MERIT project is the first EU funded project to focus upon the skills and competencies of the intermediary for road safety issues in the case of learner drivers, namely the driving instructor. 
MERIT consists of 3 main phase
  • a survey of existing standards for driving instructors in 19 European countries,
  • the development of educational goals for driving instructors based on the GDE Framework 
  • and, finally, a consultation phase with the driving instructor sector and their representatives.

A major aim of the project is to introduce driving instructor training requirements on the higher levels of driver behaviour, and the teaching methods to train learner drivers on these levels.
Further information:

Available documentation:

  • EU MERIT Project: Final Report (EN)
  • EU MERIT Project: Working paper Content of driving instructor training and testing (long-term vision) (DE) (EN) (FR)
  • EU MERIT Project: Report on survey of current instructor standards in Europe 2004 (EN)
  • EU MERIT Project: Detailed case studies of driving instructor standards in selected countries (EN)
  • EU MERIT Project: Minutes of MERIT Workshop 1 (EN)
  • EU MERIT Project: Minutes of MERIT Workshop 2 (EN)
  • EU MERIT Project: Minimum requirements for driving instructors (EN)
  • EU MERIT Project: Minutes information day (EN)