Period Title Project manager
2000-2002 System for driver Training and Assesment using Interactive Evaluation tools and Reliable methodologies  

 A Scientific and technological approach to the problem of high accident rates amongst novice drivers though the following innovations: 

  • A new cost-effective Pan-European driver training methodology, which will pay significant attention to the enhancement of risk awareness of learners drivers and will familiarise them with emerging Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. 
  • Development of a methodology to assess and support driver's cognitive skills. 
  • Development of a new interactive multimedia training tool to support driver training and assessment in strategic and manoeuvring tasks (theoretical driver training improvement). 
  • Development of a low cost and enhanced reliability stationary driving simulator to support driver training and assessment in manoeuvring and control tasks for practical driver training improvement. 
  • Development of a mean cost and high performance semi-dynamic driving simulator to support specific needs of selected driver cohorts (novice drivers with enhanced knowledge problems, re-training of drivers in high-risk groups). 
  • Development of concise and reliable driver assessment criteria and methodology and of normative driver behaviour database, to allow an objective assessment and support of the training procedure. 
  • Verification of the above methodology and assessment of the effect on risk awareness enhancement of learners drivers through tests with 30 novice drivers (and an equal control group) in each of 4 European countries. 
  • Development of recommendations and best practice guidelines for the adoption of common European driver training and assessment framework.

More information about the TRAINER project can be found on the TRAINER website