Expert Advisory Group

The Expert Advisory Group (EAG) consists of 9 members from different countries who are all national experts on driver education and driver testing in their respective countries.  The EAG meets 3 times a year.

The Expert Advisory Group undertakes the following activities:

  • respond to technical, scientific and project-related questions formulated by the Secretariat and Permanent Bureau;
  • audit the driving tests of Effective Members.

The members of the EAG are:

  • Chairman: Per Gunnar Veltun, Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Norway
  • Vice-Chairman: Per Olof Nilsson, Swedish Transport Administration, Sweden
  • Saulius Suminas (REGITRA, Lithuania)
  • Philippe Usson (Ministry of Transport, France)
  • Liesbeth Vermeren (GOCA, Belgium)
  • Marcellus Kaup (VdTÜV, Germany)
  • Jaap Kroon (CBR, The Netherlands)
  • Elina Uusitalo (Trafi, Finland)
  • Leslie Young (DVSA, UK)