Period Title Project manager
2004-2007 Medical Testing for the Driving License CIECA
Following the update of the update of annexe 2 of the European Driving License Directive (Directive 2000/56/EC), the European Commission is now keen to update Annex 3 (Fitness to Drive) of the Directive and the MEDRIL project is one of a series of EU financed projects doing research into this area.
MEDRIL focuses on medical testing for driving licence holders and has 3 aims:
  1. To propose a common medical form and test for testing fitness-to-drive within the European Union
  2. To carry out 10,000 medical checks (in Spain, Finland, Netherlands and Luxembourg) on (mostly elderly) category B drivers. The results will indicate the prevalence of a range of medical problems across Europe.
  3. To discuss possible designs for practical driving tests which aim to test the fitness-to-drive of drivers with borderline medical problems (where the doctor is unable to reach a clear decision on the driver’s ability to drive safely).

Further details about the MEDRIL project are available from

Available documentation:

  • EU MEDRIL Project: Final Report (EN)
  • EU MEDRIL project: Medical Form (EN)
  • EU MEDRIL Project: Minutes MEDRIL workshop 20 May (EN)