Medical examination

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1999 Procedure and periodicity of the medical examination CIECA

Annex III of Directive 91/439/EEC stipulates the minimum standards of physical and mental fitness for driving license candidates and –holders. Even though most EU member states have adopted the minimum standards as described in Annex III in their legislation, there are still significant differences between the countries concerning the periodicity and procedures of the medical examination.

Participants from several countries (all of the CIECA members) discussed these items in three general workshops and one workshop on the special item of eye-sight. The participants must all be regarded as experts who have tried to develop best practice recommendations for the harmonisation of the above-mentioned areas.

This report describes the recommendations which the experts arrived at during the workshops as well as the discussions preceding them.


Available documentation:

  • Reccommendations (EN)
  • Report Medical Examination (EN)