How to become a member

  • Membership categories and fee structure for CIECA Associated Members can be found here.

1. The accession process starts with the submission of a formal written application for accession.

2. In addition to this written application, the applicant member also has to present a memorandum covering all aspects of its business which are related to CIECA’s goals and activities. It must contain the latest relevant financial data, normally in the most recent Annual Report and Accounts, plus contact details of at least two persons.

3. The memorandum normally forms the basis for accepting or declining the submission though CIECA reserves the right to make further inquiries if appropriate.

4. Both the written application and the memorandum must be sent to the CIECA Secretariat by post and e-mail to:

Avenue de la Toison d'Or 77
B-1060 Brussels

5. The first subsequent scheduled meeting of the CIECA Board of Directors will examine the request for membership and set a membership fee according to the membership fee tables.

6. Applicants can join CIECA activities as soon as the Board has approved the application.

7. In principle, membership is automatically extended on a yearly basis upon payment of the membership fee that applies at that time.

8. The standard membership period is 1st January to 31st December. Where a member joins on a different date, the membership fee is adjusted pro rata.