Period Title Project manager
2002-2004 Evaluation of Novice Driver Training Scemes in 6 EU-member states CIECA

NovEV brings together 7 schemes for 2nd phase training for novice drivers in 6 EU Member States: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain (X2). All the schemes included in NovEV are temporary apart from the one in Austria, which introduced its new compulsory multiphase driver training programme in 2003.

The main objective of NovEV is to advise the participating countries on both the training programmes and the evaluations methods used to measure the effects of the training on participants. More specifically, NovEV:

  • supported the scientific evaluation of each scheme, involving expert input from an evaluation advisor (Turku University, Finland);
  • provided a forum for information exchange on the evaluation designs, training content and methods used in the 2nd phase schemes in the participating countries;
  • drew up a final report clearly outlining the training programmes, evaluation designs and results for distribution to policymakers across Europe.

Further details about NovEV are available from

Available documentation:

  • EU NovEV Project: Final Report (EN)
  • EU NovEV Project: Summary Final Report (EN)