Period Title Project manager
2006-2007 SUPREME: Best practice measures in the field of road safety Kuratorium für Verkehrssicherheit (KfV), Austria

The SUPREME project focuses on best practice measures in the field of road safety. The objective of the project is to identify best practice measures currently in place in Europe and to communicate these measures to policymakers.

For the purposes of the project, the road safety field has been broken down into the following work packages:
  1. Education & Campaigns
  2. Driver Education/Training and licensing
  3. Rehabilitation and Re-licensing
  4. Vehicles
  5. Infrastructure
  6. Enforcement
  7. Statistics & In-depth Analysis
  8. Institutional Organisation of Road Safety
  9. Post Accident Care

Leaders have been assigned to each work package. CIECA is the leader of work package 2.

SUPREME has the following phases:

  1. Definition of criteria for the selection of best practice measures(until March 2006)
  2. Data collection phase (until September 2006)
  3. Data analysis phase (until December 2006)
  4. Reporting phase (until April 2007
  5. Handbooks (until June 2007)
  6. Communication of results (end-of-project information day)

On the basis of ‘selection criteria’ defined by each work package leader, a ‘country expert’ from each country in Europe (EU-25 plus Norway and Switzerland) will then collect examples of best practice which fit these selection criteria. The examples must either fulfill certain conditions based on scientific research and/or have been positively and comprehensively evaluated. Work package leaders are then responsible for filtering these examples and drawing up a final list of best practice measures in the form of ‘thematic reports’. Individual country reports will also be written in which all country-specific best practice measures (work packages 1-9) feature. Finally, handbooks will be drawn up for both national and European policymakers. An information day will be held towards the end of the project (June 2007).

Further information about SUPREME can be obtained here or from