Period Title Project manager
2000-2002 Study of post-licence driver and rider training CIECA

Advanced is a study of post-licence driver and rider training co-financed by the European Commission. It describes and analyses voluntary, post-licence training and makes a series of recommendations on how to improve such training. It emphasises the importance of avoiding overconfidence amongst trainees and indicates how training can be more effective and balanced.

The report includes:

  • An analysis of research into post-licence driver and rider training 
  • A description, analysis and recommendations for voluntary, post-licence courses 
  • The foundation for a European Quality Label scheme for this type of training 
  • Recommendations for countries considering the introduction of obligatory, “2nd phase” post-licence training for novice drivers 
  • Guidelines on how to evaluate the effects of your training on participants 
  • A risk awareness database of exercises which can be used in your training

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Available documentation:

  • EU Advanced Project: Final Report (235 pages) (EN)
  • EU Advanced Project: Summary Final Report (EN)
  • EU Advanced Project: Trainer's Checklist (10 pages) (EN)