CIECA General Assembly and Congress, Malta (26th and 27th May 2010): Achieving our goal of safer drivers by training and testing

10.06.2011: Malta - Over 160 delegates took part at the 43rd Congress of the International Commission for Driver Testing (CIECA) on 27 May, which was hosted by CIECA member Transport Malta.
This year’s CIECA Congress focused on achieving our goal of safer drivers by training and testing.  Following the opening speeches, including from Mr Frederik Jansen from the Road Safety Unit at the European Commission, the Congress heard 8 presentations on
  • licence acquisition training,
  • training of examiners,
  • trainer /training standards
  • post-test training.   
All the Congress presentations can be downloaded from the CIECA website.
The previous day CIECA members held their General Assembly.  Members approved important developments to CIECA’s Strategy:
  • a wider appreciation of driving standards - including driver education and remedial interventions.
  • a broader membership structure – to draw in the intellectual and financial support from the research, education and commercial communities.
  • a new structure of permanent and temporary groups to provide effective involvement.
  • aligning activities with the road safety work of the European Commission.
  • Members also approved new Statutes with the following key changes:
    - scope to encompass the wider purposes of CIECA’s revised Strategy.
    a new class of membership – to enable links with those in research, driver education, commercial providers.
    - simplification and clarification, with detailed provisions documented in new Rules of Procedure
Members elected Kari Hakuli (TraFi, Finland) as President, Paul Butler (DSA, Great Britain) as Secretary General-Treasurer and Reinhard Meyer (TÜVSÜD, Germany) as a Vice-President.
In addition, a Members’ Forum was organised enabling 6 members to report on current developments, problems and progress in their home countries and exchange experience with other members.  
CIECA members can download the presentations given during the Members’ Forum from the CIECA extranet page .