31.07.2023. At the last CIECA General Assembly on 24 May 2023, it was announced that the 56th CIECA General Assembly and Congress would take place in Dubai. In order to make the stay in this wonderful country as comfortable and enjoyable as possible for everyone, it was necessary to move the dates of the event to March 2024. The dates for the 56th CIECA General Assembly and Congress have been confirmed and our event will take on Wednesday 6 and Thursday 7 March 2024 in Dubai. Both the Assembly and the Congress will be hosted by the Roads & Transport Authority of Dubai. The title of the Congress will be: 

Preparing drivers for smart mobility and road safety

However, it is important to note that these dates will have an impact on our preparations for the event, in particular on submission deadlines, and other important dates in relation to the 2024 Congress programme, and we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the information provided in this document.

CIECA intends to open the doors of its main annual event to all organizations around the globe interested in contributing to the improvement of road safety not only in Europe but worldwide. Therefore, the CIECA Congress 2024 intends to be a forum for all researchers, practitioners, and stakeholders interested in driver testing who develop their professional activities within CIECA member organizations, and other public and private institutions around road safety topics which is also a core principle of our mission.

Abstracts on the following topics can be submitted:

  1. Vulnerable road users
  2. Distraction, inattention and fatigue and their impact on road safety
  3. Fit to Drive issues
  4. Novice Driver/Rider testing
  5. Novice Driver/Rider education
  6. Motorcyclists
  7. Other Vehicle Users (Tractors, Quad Bikes, E-scooters, etc)
  8. Road Safety Education through all ages
  9. Road User Behaviour and Human Factors
  10. Road User Education for professional purposes
  11. Heavy Vehicles (Trucks, Buses & Drivers)
  12. Road safety in developing countries
  13. Road safety and emerging technologies
  14. Smart driving in future cities
  15. Driver licencing systems and autonomous vehicles
  16. ADAS and driver education and testing
  17. The impact of autonomous vehicles in driver testing
  18. The impact of autonomous vehicles in driver education
  19. Developments in the theory test
  20. New perspectives on Hazard Perception
  21. Legislative framework and road safety
  22. Implementation of new information systems and the importance of customer service
  23. Driver Licencing Exchange and road safety
  24. Statistics and data collection for the improvement of driver testing
  25. Adapting driver testing to emerging technologies

Please note the deadline for the submission of abstracts is 1 November 2023. Information on the submission guidelines can be found here. Please follow these carefully when preparing your contribution. All submissions should be sent to Eva Mateo

If you have any question on this issue, please feel free to contact her.  on this matter.