Interested in providing training to trainers of the the Road Transport Department of Cyprus?

15. 02. 2017. Our member the Road Transport Department of the Ministry of Communications and Works of Cyprus is seeking a host authority that could arrange a training for trainers in the most advanced methods of driver examination.

The Road Transport Department, which is the competent authority for driver examination and licensing in Cyprus needs to train their driver examiners and would therefore like two of their examiners to receive a training for trainers given by trainers from another CIECA member country authority. Their examiners speak Greek and English and may be attached for a period of 1-2 weeks or as long as considered appropriate to acquire competences as trainers. All expenses (travelling and accommodation) will be covered by the Road Transport Department of Cyprus.

If your authority is interested in offering assistance to the Road Transport Department of Cyprus, and for any further details or clarifications, kindly contact the CIECA Secretariat as soon as possible. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.