Quality Assurance for Driving Examiners Workshop, Munich (Germany), 4 May 2012

Quality Assurance for Driving Examiners Workshop
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11. 05. 2012. On 4 May 2012, in the context of the transposition of the 3rd Driving Licence Directive 2006/126/EC into national legislation, CIECA organised a 4th thematic workshop on the quality assurance system for driving examiners.
Among the measures imposed by Annex IV of this directive are the obligation to introduce minimum standards concerning entry to the profession of examiner and the introduction of a quality assurance system; this is aimed at achieving a more objective assessment of driving test candidates and closer harmonisation of driving tests within the European Union.
The objective of the workshop was to gain an overview of the current situation within the European Union and to identify the provisions to be introduced by Member States as of 19 January 2013. In this respect, approximately 30 CIECA Members had the opportunity to discuss practical issues, to draw lessons from best practices and to convert these into recommendations, particularly concerning the audit that each Member State must conduct in order to guarantee that the assessment is implemented appropriately and consistently (Annex IV 4, Paragraph 4, Sub-paragraph 4.1.5). Last but not least, the thematic workshop contributed to more homogeneous application of the provisions laid down in the directive.
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