Strategy Seminar, Brussels, 10 February 2012

Shaping the future together: Members discuss new CIECA strategy
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20.02.2012. CIECA members met in Brussels on 10 February 2012 in order to work together on the targets for the International Commission for Driver Testing. They firmed up a strategy for the next eight years as presented by the Permanent Bureau. For those in charge at CIECA it was particularly important to engage members in this process as soon as possible.
At the meeting on 10 February the seminar participants firmed up CIECA’s targets in five areas:
  • Target 1: Work programme
  • Target 2: Expansion of membership
  • Target 3: Exchange of information
  • Target 4: Sustainability and organisational changes
  • Target 5: Partnerships

In these five areas CIECA had presented members with a very detailed work programme for the next two - four years, the success of which is to be measured in 2014 - 2016. The subsequent steps to be taken up to 2020 were also formulated.

Amongst other things, CIECA would like to increase the number of members and, to do so, prepare itself both in terms of content and organisation. By means of a considerable increase in activity in the areas of seminars, workshops, events and projects CIECA intends to be recognised as the first international point of contact with regard to driver training and testing.
CIECA is also to create best practice models in order to be able to offer its members fast and reliable information. The CIECA website is to be continuously developed for the dissemination of information and a first relaunch is imminent.
Seminar participants received the proposals developed by CIECA very positively and firmed up the ideas in three working groups, members having the opportunity to put forward their own ideas.
The CIECA Secretariat in Brussels is summarising the members’ ideas, additional comments and perceptions in a report. The consultation paper will then be available on the website by 30 March, where members will again have the opportunity to give feedback.
The next step is then the CIECA General Assembly on14 June 2012, taking place in the context of the CIECA annual Congress in Istanbul. The General Meeting is to decide on the strategy.
Please click here for seminar materials and consultation paper.
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