CIECA publishes Prior Information Notice on database of theoretical testing items

16.02.2011. CIECA publishes Prior Indicative Notice on database of theoretical testing items
CIECA has created a Theory Test Advisory Group (TAG).  TAG will comprise a permanent group of theory testing experts who will advise CIECA about theoretical testing and computer-based testing matters.  TAG work will include consideration of the purpose, characteristics and performance of theory test items including examples supplied for the purpose by TAG members.  Members of the Group will be nominated by CIECA members and appointed by the CIECA Permanent Bureau (the Board of Directors).
In order to have a platform on which TAG can safely store and review test items, CIECA is looking for a database partner.  CIECA is inviting expressions of interest from organisations that are willing to offer, on a pro bono basis, the following services:
storing securely and cataloguing (in a manner to be agreed with CIECA) a database of theoretical testing items. 
being able to accept securely items onto the database. 
being able to provide facilities so that the items can be inspected in a secure manner by persons duly authorised by CIECA, preferably over the internet.
offering this service for a period of 3 years, with the option to renew the arrangement for a further period of 3 years.
Although this is not a commercial contract, CIECA has placed a Prior Information Notice (PIN) in the Official Journal of the European Communities so that potential suppliers are aware of this opportunity to assist CIECA.  The PIN invites any interested suppliers to contact the CIECA Business Manager, Mr Daniel Vandenberghe (
In addition, if any member wishes to nominate a possible database partner, please contact CIECA.