DEKRA: Obtain your Driving Licence Faster

28.11.2010. The Berlin State Administration Authority (LABO) announced that the issue of driving licences for the German State Berlin has been reformed. The whole administration process from the issue of driving licences to the communication between examiner and driving licence authorities has been computerized.
Especially driving licence applicants will benefit from the changes. From now on the examiner will be able to print a provisional driving licence directly after the driving test which he/ she can then hand over to the applicant. Simultaneously the State Printing Press will receive a request to issue the formal driving licence.
Not only the application process has been re-designed. Also the communication between examiners and the local offices of DEKRA has been simplified. Until now examiners were required to go to their local DEKRA office at least once a week in order to pick up all kind of documents (certificate to assess a driving licence applicant, driving licences and driving test schedules). The examiner is now able to access his/ her driving test schedule directly on his PC. Even the other electronic documents needed to identify the candidate can now be retrieved in the driving school vehicle. The exam result and issuing of the driving license is marked electronically. The certificate for assessing the candidate is sent back to the driving license authority. 
The procedure has many benefits for driving schools as well as for applicants:
  • The driving examiner is not required to take the licence with him/ her to the practical test,
  • Driving schools are able to register appointments for practical tests without having to disclose the name of the candidate,
  • The issuing of driving licences has become much faster. 
For further information, please contact 
DEKRA Technology Center
Department of Driving Licence Sector
Head of Driving Licences