CIECA Congress, Budapest (3rd and 4th June 2010): Assessment of novice driver safety

11.06.2010: CIECA Congress, Budapest (3rd and 4th June 2010): Assessment of novice driver safety
Budapest - Over 160 delegates took part at the 42nd congress of the International Commission for Driver Testing CIECA  in Budapest on 3rd and 4th June, which was hosted by CIECA member the Hungarian Traffic Authority.
This year’s CIECA congress was concerned with a decisive/central question of road traffic safety, namely, how can the risk to road traffic emanating from novice drivers be reduced through assessing novice driver capabilities/through evaluating novice drivers? The opening speeches by Mr Gilles Bergot of the General Directorate of Mobility and Traffic (DG MOVE) of the EU Commission and Mr Charles Johnson of CAS outlined the theme of this congress this year. 
The eleven specialists and scientists (from nine countries) invited by CIECA examined the congress theme from a political, technological, psychological and paedagogical point of view.
The presentations on the congress theme “Assessment of novice driver safety” are now complete and are available for downloading on the CIECA website .
During the general meeting on the first day of the congress CIECA general secretary Luc Caenen stood down and six new vice-presidents were elected. For the first time a members’ forum was also organised so that the member states could exchange knowledge. Thus, within the context of the first members’ forum nine CIECA member states could each report from their national perspective on current developments, problems and progress in their home countries and exchange experience with the other member states.  
The presentations given during the members’ forum are now complete for CIECA members to download on the CIECA extranet page .