CIECA Congress, Berlin (7th and 8th May 2009): Technology, training and testing

Over 150 delegates took part in CIECA’s 41st annual congress last week in Berlin, Germany. Hosted by CIECA’s member the VdTÜV the event aimed to tackle the issue of modern, in-car driver assistance systems, and their relevance to initial driver training and the driving test.
The congress was not just about how to use technology, but also about how technology can be used, in order to enhance the learning process for new drivers and to create better assessment of new drivers, with the ultimate goal of reducing road accident risk.
It was also showed how technological applications such as driving simulators, e-learning modules and attitude assessment can be used to prepare youngsters for their future driving careers.
Finally, the congress pointed out that technology is by no means the answer to all our road safety problems. Human relations and the bond between driving instructor and learner, examiner and learner, and driver and society continue to play a vital role in preparing young drivers.
Keynote speeches were given by Mr. Joël Valmain from the DG Transport and Energy of the European Commission and Mr. Wolfgang Höfs from the DG Information Society and Media of the European Commission.
14 speakers from 6 countries focused on driver assistance systems from a range of perspective: political, technological, psychological and educational.
The full set of the “Technology, Training and Testing” presentations and abstracts are now available for download on the CIECA site at