CIECA’s international workshop on progressive access to motorcycles – documents now online!

Close to 80 delegates joined CIECA in the Roman city of Nîmes (south of France) on April 9-10 2008 for an international workshop organised by CIECA and the French DSCR on progressive access to motorcycles and mopeds. The workshop took place in the context of the 3rd European driving licence Directive which comes into force in 2013 and which radically changes the licensing requirements for various types of powered two-wheelers. The event also provided an opportunity to look into the different special manoeuvres being introduced by EU member states into the practical category A driving tests, as laid down by Commission Directive 2000/56 (deadline for implementation: 1st October 2008).
The workshop covered a wide range of topics including accidentology, market trends, testing and training and brought together experts from CIECA, ACEM (manufacturers’ association), FIM (motorcycling federation) and FEMA (European user groups).
The full package of powerpoint slides and a short overview of question/answer sessions can be found at the following link
The powerpoint presentations are currently being translated into French by the CNPA and will be posted on the CIECA site as soon as they are ready.