ESRA3 Dashboard & Methodology Report

19. 03. 2024. On behalf of Vias institute, one of CIECA associated members in Belgium, coordinating the ESRA project, we are very pleased to present two new features to the ESRA project: the ESRA3 dashboard and methodology report!

After extensive data collection across 39 countries and the development of the country fact sheets, the dashboard is now published to offer you a visual representation of national road safety indicators. It also introduces some updates compared to the previous dashboard, including a new focus on infrastructure and e-scooter riders, and more data on vulnerable road users.
Explore the dynamic tool via this link: Discover the dashboard
Dive into the details of the fieldwork, data processing, and reporting procedures of ESRA3 while gaining valuable insights into the survey samples and quality assurance arrangements in the methodology report.  
More information about the ESRA project can be found in the ESRA website.