25-28 September 2023: EAG peer review at Transport Malta

10.10.2023. Following the request from Transport Malta, one of our Effective members, the EAG carried out a peer review of the practical driving tests in the country. 
On this occasion, the EAG had the opportunity to work closely with the examiners on duty. The first day of the review, the experts had the chance to meet the examiners, and exchange and share opinions and learn about their points of view on different matters affecting their tasks. This allowed for a very collaborative and fruitful atmosphere during the actual review of the tests which took place on 27 September. The EAG members were present in 51 practical exams of categories B and D with the aim to assess the current operation and identify ways in which to optimise the processes making them more effective and efficient. 
Following the onsite peer review, the EAG will present its findings and suggestions in the coming weeks and will include a number of recommendations to improve the system to be considered by the Maltese authorities. 
CIECA would like to thank Transport Malta for its hospitality, and its openness with the expert group. We would like to highlight the crucial collaboration of all examiners, enticed by the unwavering conviction of Pierre Montebello. The group is confident they collected enough information to give Transport Malta some pointers that may help Transport Malta in their goal to improve their system. 
Finally, CIECA would like to especially thank Pierre Montebello, Alan Borg, and Josephine Farrugia for making this peer review a success thanks to their professionality, openness, and kindness.