2023 CIECA Congress: Call for papers

What do novice drivers need to know today, what skills do they need to perfect and how do we test them?

10.10.2022. The 55th CIECA General Assembly and Congress will take place on Wednesday 24 May and Thursday 25 May 2023 in Austria, at Wiener Börsensäle in the heart of Vienna. Both the Assembly and the Congress will be hosted by the Austrian Road Safety Board (Kuratorium für Verkehrssicherheit).
Increasing forms of electric vehicles and micro mobility coupled with the growing penetration of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) present new challenges for testing authorities who need to adapt to these fast-paced advancements. While there is flexibility and options to vary how theory classes are taught, with novice drivers exploiting tools such as self-study; risk competence or self-reflection are more sensibly taught by a driving instructor or in a group session. Furthermore, with rapid changes in the traffic environment and continual advancement in vehicle technology, we are presented with the additional challenge that training, testing and continuing education must also continue to evolve. As testing organisations, we must rise to this challenge and take time to reflect how our tests need to be adapted to ensure they are relevant and fit for purpose in the modern era.
The CIECA Congress 2023 will be a forum to find answers to the challenges ahead, and to discuss the future of road safety, and potential speakers are invited to comment on these and similar issues.
Please note the deadline for the submission of abstracts is 19 December 2022. Information on the submission guidelines can be found here. Please follow them carefully when preparing your contribution.
All submissions should be sent to eva.mateo@cieca.eu. You will receive confirmation of reception by e-mail with an abstract reference number. Please quote this reference number in all correspondence with the Congress Secretariat.
Abstracts for individual papers will be peer reviewed by the CIECA Programme Committee and you will be informed of the outcome of the review by 24 February 2023. The abstracts will be assessed according to the following criteria: relevance to the congress topic, importance to road safety improvement, quality, validity, originality, technical strength, and practical significance.
Please note that all speakers presenting in the Congress will be expected to finance their attendance to the event (registration, accommodation and travel expenses). Neither CIECA nor the Congress host will be responsible for the payment of any charges related to their participation in the event. Any presenters willing to have their submissions considered to be included in the event, should bear this in mind.
If you have any questions in relation to this issue, please do not hesitate to get in touch with eva.mateo@cieca.eu.