ERSO – Your gateway to European Road Safety Information

SafetyNet is a European project, funded by the European Commission, which aims to build the framework of a European Road Safety Observatory. 22 institutes from 17 countries cooperate in the SafetyNet project, which will come to an end in 2008.

The European Road Safety Observatory or ‘ERSO’ ( is an essential website for all European road safety professionals. ERSO is a gateway into a central resource of European road safety data, knowledge and expertise. In just a few minutes ERSO can provide you with information you need to make policy or for your research relating to road safety issues:

High quality information on a wide range of road safety issues. The texts are written and edited by a group of experts renowned for their work in the area of road safety research. They are accessible to the general reader and are supported by the state of the art knowledge of the experts.

Data and information on (how to use) road safety related data. The information includes e.g. an overview of accident databases worldwide and factsheets. Contents includes basic knowledge on how to use, interpret and analyse traffic safety data.

An extensive list of links to projects, organisations, and events dealing with road safety issues.

SafetyNet is a project funded by the European Commission, its objective is to build a framework of a Road Safety Observatory. Information on the partnership, the work packages and the results.

Details relating to European and International meetings, conferences and symposia can be found together with contact details for all events.