Second International Fit to Drive congress, Vienna 14-15 June 2007

Reality and Vision - Common problems, European Solutions: this is the motto of the 2nd Fit to Drive congress on the topic of fitness to drive and related road safety matters in Europe. As the second in a series of similar events, Fit to Drive will take place from June 14th - 15th, 2007 in Vienna. The congress is organised by the German Association of Technical Inspection Agencies (Verband der TÜV e.V.) in cooperation with the Austrian Road Safety Board (Kuratorium für Verkehrssicherheit / KfV) and several scientific and professional organisations.
One of the objectives of Fit to Drive is to contribute towards halving road traffic fatalities within the EU to 25000 by 2010, according to the goal of the Conference of Traffic Ministers in May 2004, Dublin and as specified in the Road Safety Charter. The Fit to Drive congress creates a forum for discussing the development of individual fitness to drive requirements in which the best possible support for individual mobility must be in harmony with the safety demands of society. The co-operation of international organisations should serve to develop a European approach to meeting these needs.
Speakers from EU institutions and a range of European countries will address the following topics: primary prevention in pre-school, school and driver education and training; general prevention through legislation and enforcement, demerit point systems; secondary prevention with a special focus on the persistent drink-driver; risk assessment in medical and psychological matters; driver counselling, assessment, rehabilitation and therapy in different countries of the EU; interlock systems and rehabilitation and comparative studies of traffic safety in Europe.

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