OECD Report: Young Driver: the Road to Safety

Traffic crashes are the single greatest cause of death of young people in industrialised countries, killing about 25,000 18-24 year-olds every year. Over 8,500 young drivers are killed every year in OECD countries, and many others die in the same crashes. Young men are both the most at risk, and greatest source of danger. Their crash fatality rates are as much as three times those of young women. The costs of young driver risk are in the billions of euros.

The OECD and ECMT have just released their report Young Drivers: The Road to Safety. For more information, including a press release and extensive summary, please consult: http://www.cemt.org/JTRC/WorkingGroups/YoungDrivers/index.htm or contact colin.stacey@oecd.org (Tel: +33 1 45 24 95 98).

A summary document can be downloaded here

The full report can be downloaded here