CIECA webinar series

Deadline to apply: OPEN
Do you have an idea for a webinar that would be beneficial for the CIECA audience? Or would you like to share your knowledge in a a particular subject area?
CIECA has decided to put together a new webinar programme designed for our members to share research & experiences and to engage in professional discussions with colleagues from Effective, Associated and Affiliated CIECA member organizations. 
At the moment, our CIECA expert groups, the EAG, TAG, ETG and FTD are already working in the development of content for these webinars, but we would like to open the possibility to present to all CIECA members, and external professionals involved in driver testing and education. Therefore, these webinar sessions can cover a range of topics, including research methods, professional development, organizational change, educational topics, analysis of data, and more. 
At the moment, we envisage some possible types of online programmes (see below), but we welcome new ideas and contributions, and encourage you to submit proposals that you may consider relevant. 
(1) CIECA webinars: 
  • Authors/co-authors are encouraged to deliver a brief talk and engage in a discussion about your recently published research/projects.
  • Presentation of new research and projects that are of general interest for our members. 
  • A research/project/plan work-in-progress about which you wish to solicit feedback from our members. 
  • Informal discussions of topics that includes and/or responds to the questions from our members. 
  • Panel discussions that present a number of perspectives on a selected topic. Panels should be limited to 3 or 4 speakers.

(2) Professional & Organizational Development:

Has your organization implemented new programmes to develop the skill and expertise of your staff members that you would like to share with others? Is your organization dealing with new structural changes to increase efficiency? If this is the case, we would like to offer you the space and time to present your plans to the rest of CIECA members. 
(3) Meetings & Roundtable Discussions:
CIECA expert groups will organize online forums that will cover topical and current issues that are brought up by themselves or respond to the request of members. If you have any ideas, or you would like our expert groups to focus on any given topic, we would like to hear from you. 
CIECA welcomes ideas from all our members and we are keen to start scheduling the webinars as soon as possible. To submit your proposals, please follow these instructions. If you have any questions at all, please contact Eva at at your earliest convenience.