23 - 24 October 2019 - EAG workshop: ADAS and their direct impact on the practical test, Paris, France

The 2019 EAG workshop will take place on 23 & 24 October in the headquarters of the Ministry of Interior of France in Paris, 18-20 rue des Pyrénées- 75020 PARIS. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Ministry for their kind support and help with the organization of this event.

ADAS are on the increase and being included in more vehicles that are readily available to the general public at a more realistic cost. These more common systems which are appearing more frequently on practical tests range from some driver assist features that are included in the design which require full driver control to partial automation where the vehicle has combined automation like acceleration and steering but the driver must still remain engaged and aware of the environment. Further levels of automation will increase over time and be more common on practical tests in the future.

The intention of the workshop is to not focus so much on the theoretical issues on ADAS which have already been presented and discussed at previous events in Stuttgart and Rotterdam but focus more on practical issues that might have a direct impact on the work of examiners. This workshop will look at the different vehicles that are available on the market and the driver assistance features that they have built into them. This will include practical demonstrations by the manufacturers to gain a better understanding of how this automation can be used. This will allow the participants to understand how these systems will be used during the practical test.

The links between driver education and driver testing requires discussion, however the main focus will be on how these systems can be included in the practical test whilst ensuring the test is still a meaningful assessment of a drivers ability to drive independently on the roads in a vehicle that may not include any ADAS. It will be necessary to share best practice to gain an understanding of the levels of automation that are currently permitted on practical tests in different countries and how these are received. This will include how well they work, what complications this provides and how the increased levels of ADAS can be included in the future.

A presentation will be given to learn about the work the UNECE has done on the issue of ADAS, what is currently being considered and what is expected to be achieved in the near future.

The aim of the workshop is to give a clear understanding of how ADAS can be integrated into the practical test and the impact they will have on examiners.

Please note that further information will be provided very soon regarding the practicalities of the workshop. In any case, registration for this event is already open (click button below). 

Agenda (will be available soon)
Fee: This members'-only event is free-of-charge.
Location: Ministry of Interior, France. Address: 18-20 rue des Pyrénées- 75020 PARIS
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Accommodation: On this occasion, CIECA will not be involved in the booking of your hotel during your stay in Paris to attend the workshop. If you wish to do so, please choose the hotel of your preference (from the list provided, or any other that you might prefer) and proceed to book your stay at your earliest convenience.
Working language: English.
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