22 Mar 2018 - EAG Workshop: Use and assessment of Driver Assistance Systems in the practical driving test, Stuttgart (Germany)

Driver assistance systems can improve traffic safety as they can reduce the number of serious traffic accidents significantly. The use of driver assistance systems should be trained and tested to ensure that candidates are aware of the opportunities such devices can provide for road safety. t is very important that the competence of the examiners adapts also to the level of the new, modern and versatile vehicle technology. The EAG would like to contribute meaningfully and constructively to a possible standardization of procedures in the use and evaluation of DAS during the practical driving test.

To develop the content of this workshop, the following considerations are important:

  • an exchange of information on the situation and procedures on this topic that are in place in CIECA member countries;
  • the development of a proposal for the integration of these systems into the EU or national requirements for the training and examination of driving applicants on an international level.

With this event, the EAG would like, once more, to offer to all CIECA members the possibility to discuss questions like the following:

- Is it possible to use DAS during the driving license test (class B) in your country in the practical driving license test?
- If so, are all DAS offered on the market tested or only certain ones?
- Is the candidate free to decide to use or not to use the DAS in the practical testIs it possible or generally useful to allow only selected DAS to be used in the practical test?
- Does it make sense to specify the number of mandatory and/or voluntary type of DAS to be used in the driving test?
- Is the examiner free to decide on the use of DAS in the practical testAre candidates in your country prepared and trained specifically for the use of DAS systems in the practical test due to legal requirements?
- Driving tasks and/or their assessment certainly change if DAS are allowed in the test. How are these tasks assessed in your country
- Using DAS in the practical test also changes the requirements for the examiners to evaluate or change the evaluation of the driving tasks. In which way will these changes be assessed or implemented in your country?

These questions and many more will be discussed in small groups and finally presented to all participants during the EAG annual workshop. The outcome of the workshop will be presented at a later stage.

  • Agenda (available very shortly)
  • Fee: This members'-only event is free-of-charge.
  • Location: DORMERO Hotel Stuttgart, Plieninger Straße 100, 70567 Stuttgart, Germany. Practical information for participants can be downloaded here.
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  • Accommodation: Please contact the reservation department at + 49 30 20213300 or by e-mail at stuttgart@dormero.de to book your accommodation in the above mentioned hotel, mentioning the code EAG CIECA. Deadline to book your room: 20 February 2018. For more information on hotel rates, how to book your accommodation, and cancellation policy, please refer to the document containing the information for participants. 
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  • Working language: English.