6 - 7 Apr 2016 - TAG Workshop, Lisbon (Portugal)

Best practice in the Theory Test to avoid cheating and fraud

The 2016 TAG workshop will take place on 6 & 7 April in the Hotel Mundial in Lisbon (Portugal) and will focus on the topic of cheating and fraud in relation to the driving theory test in CIECA member countries and organisations.

The objective of the theory test is to make sure that all candidates who passed the exam have the needed theoretical competences to drive in a safely manner, and are able to do so according to legislation. However, it is undeniable that some members of the public in virtually all CIECA member countries are taking shortcuts in order to get a driving licence.

This workshop responds to the interest of TAG member organizations, faced with this problem on regular basis, to reflect on this issue and to share experiences with the rest of CIECA members. After receiving the responses to a questionnaire prepared by the expert group, the TAG is convinced of the interest and benefit of such a workshop, the main reason being to acknowledge the fact that candidates who succeed in the theory exam using fraudulent means might be involved in road accidents at a later stage. That is to say, that cheating in the theory test has a direct effect on road safety, as it is a factor that may cost lives.

Therefore, this workshop aims at improving the security and quality of the theory tests by building the understanding of this topic through discussions, sharing of expertise, exchange of experiences, practical activities and expert presentations. The workshop is relevant for all CIECA professionals involved in the development of the theory test, and those who seek an opportunity to learn new skills. Some of the questions that will be explored in this workshop are: 

  • What is fraud?
  • In what way is fraud performed?
  • Which tools can be used to fight this phenomenon?
  • How can the item writing process help to prevent fraud in the theory exam?

Once again, the TAG intends to make all CIECA members participate very actively in the workshop, so come ready to interact with other CIECA members on this issue.

  • Agenda
  • The workshop will start in the afternoon on 6 April (around 1 pm) and will finish around the same time on 7 April 2016.
  • Fee: This members' only event is free-of-charge
  • Location: Hotel Mundial, Praça Martim Moniz 2 - 1100-341 - Lisboa – Portugal.  The information for participants will be available shortly.
  • Accommodation: Hotel Mundial, Praça Martim Moniz 2 - 1100-341 - Lisboa – Portugal. If you want to learn more about the hotel, please visit their web.
  • Rates:  87,50€ / night (99€ double room). The rates include breakfast and internet connection.
    Reservations: In order to book your room, please send a mail to reservations@hotel-mundial.net providing the code CIECA TAG Workshop at your earliest convenience. We have book 50 rooms for the night of 6 April so please book your room by 1 March 2016, and note that you will be requested to pay the room when doing your booking.
  • Deadline: The registration deadline for the event is 25 March 2016.
  • Working language: English