10 Feb 2012 - Strategy Seminar and Extraordinary General Assembly (Brussels, Belgium)

On 26 May 2011 the CIECA General Assembly meeting in Malta approved significant changes to the CIECA Strategy. This involved adopting a broader scope for CIECA activities, in particular an increased role of driver education. It also involved adopting a 2020 horizon, aligned to the Road Safety Framework being generated by the European Commission.

Since the General Assembly, the Permanent Bureau has agreed a number of actions to generate the content and priorities of a supporting work programme, in particular:

  • CIECA Membership was trawled for their views about topics and priorities;
  • asking our two permanent expert groups (EAG and TAG) for their suggestions as they draft their work programmes for BP approval;
  • holding discussions with staff in the DG Mobility and Transport (MOVE) of the European Commission;
  • discussions with potential new Members and partners.

At the General Assembly the Permanent Bureau promised Members that they will have the opportunity to be involved in determining in the strategic choices that CIECA needs to make. We want to invite you to a strategy seminar, which will be held in Brussels on 10 February 2012.

In addition, the 2011 General Assembly in Malta approved new CIECA Statutes that will enable CIECA to deliver its revised Strategy. A short part of the Strategy Seminar will operate as an Extraordinary General Assembly to endorse the new Statutes. More information on the Extraordinary General Assembly can be found here.

Please note that this is a member-only event.

  • Agenda
  • Fee: The event is free-of-charge.
  • Location: Thon Hotel Brussels City Centre (see information for participants).
  • Accommodation: Please note that workshop participants are responsible for making their room reservation. Please download the Thon Hotel Brussels City Centre registration form (in pdf).
  • Deadline: The deadline for hotel registrations is Friday 20 January 2012. 10 rooms will be available until Tuesday 31 January 2012. Please note that we cannot guarantee room availability / rate after this date!