3 Oct 2012 - Trailer Workshop cat. B+E (2006/126/EC), Brussels (Belgium)

Issues surrounding the driving of category B + trailer combinations

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The 3rd Driving Licence Directive 2006/126 of 20 December 2006 profoundly altered the conditions for access to driving vehicle combinations comprising a category B motor vehicle towing a trailer, a semi-trailer or a caravan.

Thus it is that the procedures for access to driving vary according to the Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM) of the towing vehicle and that of the trailer and drivers may be obliged to follow specific training of at least seven hours' duration and/or pass a test of aptitudes and behaviours.

These provisions seek to improve safety for these users. It should also be noted that all the new mass limits fixed (3.5t, 4.25t and 12t) are applicable without prejudice to the provisions relating to the rules on approval of the vehicles concerned, which constitutes an additional guarantee of safety in that it prevents the formation of "excessive" combinations.

These new provisions have a significant impact on the existing provisions laid down by Member States.

We therefore need to gain a precise overview of the current situation within the European Union, to identify all the measures taken for the transposition of the Third Driving Licence Directive (training and/or test, content of training) and to draw lessons from this on the best practices observed.




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  • Location: CIECA Secretariat (see information for participants).
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