4 June: ETG workshop: Development of ADAS guidelines for driver education

The 2024 ETG workshop will take place on 4 June in Brussels at the THON HOTEL BRISTOL STEPHANIEAvenue Louise 91 - 93, 1050 Brussels, Meeting room: Bristol 1. 

The European Union’s General Safety Regulation (GSR) establishes baseline safety requirements for motor vehicles and their trailers. This regulation, which applies to new types of vehicles from July 2022 and all new vehicles from July 2024, is a key component of the EU’s strategy to reduce the number of serious and fatal injuries in road accidents by half between 2020 and 2030.

The GSR mandates a variety of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to enhance road safety. These include, for example, Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA), Blind Spot Monitoring, Reversing Detection, Emergency Stop Signal, Drowsiness and Distraction Monitor, Automatic Emergency Braking system (AEB), Lane Keeping Assist (LKA), Alcohol Interlock system, and Event Data Recorder (commonly known as a black box).

These systems appear more and more frequently on educational and testing contexts, and it is a given that the links between ADAS education and ADAS testing requires discussion among experts from both fields. However, on this occasion, participants will have the occasion to discuss how these systems can be included in meaningful educational modules that should enable learners to understand how to use ADAS effectively, be aware of their limitations, and most importantly, help new drivers cultivate a deeper understanding of safe driving habits and risk factors, thereby enhancing their safety awareness. This includes, for example, understanding the importance of adhering to speed limits, staying alert, and being mindful of other road users.  

The focus of the workshop will be on practical issues that have a direct impact on the work of driver teachers, and that can contribute to the creation of safer and more knowledgeable drivers. One of the objectives of the workshop all participants will be the development of basic guidelines for the education of certain ADAS by sharing best practices. Issues discussed may include how these ADAS work, what complications they may entail, and how best to train on their use, while having in mind that it is crucial to remember that while ADAS can support drivers, they cannot replace the need for good driving skills and attentiveness on the road.

We will count on the presence of René Claesen who will be talking about Automation, and Prof. David Crundall who will present data about drivers' training needs in relation to ADAS. Following the requests of CIECA members during the General Assembly in Dubai to include car manufacturers in this discussion, we have invited the European Association of Car Manufacturers (ACEA), and Pierre-Olivier Millette, Chief Technology Officer at this organization will join us. He will deliver a presentation, and will participate, together with the rest of presenters, in a round table to exchange ideas on the topic. The EAG will also be delivering a presentation on the testing of ADAS in the practical test. Members will also have the possibility to exchange views on the matter within group discussions, so guidelines for ADAS training can be drafted. 

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  • Agenda (please note the venue will be confirmed very shortly)
  • Fee: This members'-only event is free-of-charge.
  • LocationTHON HOTEL BRISTOL STEPHANIEAvenue Louise 91 - 93, 1050 Brussels, Meeting room: Bristol 1
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