18 June 2015 - EAG Workshop, Madrid (Spain)

The link between the practical driving test and Road Safety

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    In order to facilitate the attendance to both workshops, this year the TAG and EAG annual workshops will take place on consecutive days (17 and 18 June). Members can attend one or both workshops if they wish to do so, but they should register for each of the events.

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The value of the driving test as a road safety measure has often been questioned. Many researchers have claimed there is no link at all between traditional driver training and testing and the driver's future probability to be involved in risky situations or accidents. 

On the other hand, in every country one has to pass a test to be entitled to drive or ride a vehicle on the road. In Europe certain minimum requirements are set in EU-Directives that all members of the European Economic Area have to comply with. Still the approaches to driver testing are quite different. Some countries claim they assess also the candidates' attitudes, while others say they test the applicants' theoretical and practical skills only.

In this EAG workshop, questions connected to how the practical test can contribute to road safety will be enlightened and discussed. During the event, information about the best practices in Europe will be exchanged as well as research in the field of the practical driving test and road safety. The workshop will also deal with subjects as the content of the test and the quality control of the examiners.

This workshop is relevant for all professionals who want to learn to develop and refine practical driving tests, and for those seeking a refresher course and an opportunity to learn new skills.

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