15 Nov 2016 - Tractor Workshop, Alkmaar (The Netherlands)

Working conditions of farmers have changed over the past decades. Farms have grown bigger and the distance between farm fields has become greater. As a consequence bigger sized vehicles have come into use. In addition, these machines are increasingly present on our roads This combination of developments results in a series of road safety issues.

In 2014 CIECA hosted a workshop about the access to driving agricultural or forestry tractors. The participants of that workshop suggested that a second workshop on access to driving tractors should be organised as soon as new regulations on the approval and market surveillance of agricultural and forestry vehicles came into force. Regulation (EU) 167/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 5 February 2013 came into force on 1st January 2016.  

During the workshop in 2014, it also became clear that the approach to licensing tractors and their drivers is very different in the various Member countries. The differences are related to the size and speed of the machines, training and testing of a special driver license for tractors and to the licencing arrangements under which driving of different kind of tractors is allowed in the different Member states.

This is why CIECA is organising a second Tractor workshop. The aims of this workshop are to

  • remind the participants of the technical development of agricultural and forestry machines that are also used on roads and the Regulation (EU) 167/2013 on the approval and market surveillance of this kind of vehicles;
  • exchange recent developments in Member countries concerning the licencing of tractor drivers;
  • take a closer look at tractor driver training and testing, such as
    • content of training;
    • vehicles used;
    • content of the test such as driving routes and special manoeuvers;
    • examiners working conditions.

The intention is to make the workshop as practical as possible, so there will be vehicles available to look at and drive on.

The workshop will be held in Akersloot, near Alkmaar (The Netherlands) on 15 November 2016.


  • Agenda: Please download the agenda for the event
  • Fee: This members' only event is free-of-charge
  • Location: Van der Valk Hotel Akersloot / A9 Alkmaar. Please download the practical information for participants.
  • Accommodation: see above. The deadline for hotel bookings is Monday, 31 October 2016. Please download the above practical information for participants for more information. Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours prior to arrival.    
  • Deadline: The registration deadline for the event is Monday, 7 November 2016
  • Working language: English