27 Apr 2016 - EAG Workshop, Vilnius (Lithuania)

Practical driving training for examiners

The 2016 EAG workshop will take place on 27 April in the Crowne Plaza Vilnius Hotel in Vilnius (Lithuania) and will focus on practical driving training for examiners.

Following the requirements of Annex IV in EU's 3rd Driving Licence Directive, the EU member states must make sure that all examiners undertake a minimum periodic training of at least five days in total in a five year period in order to develop and maintain the necessary practical driving skills.

The EAG is convinced that the examiners' own driving style is, and should be, an important reference to which they relate when assessing candidates' driving competence.

Throughout the years, during the audits they have performed in numerous CIECA member countries, the EAG has observed a remarkable difference between common drivers' behaviour, sometimes also examiners', and what seems to be expected from candidates in the test. These test expectations are usually directly reflected in the content of the training programmes offered by driving schools.

In some extreme instances, the EAG has also noticed that the driving standard of candidates is so low, that assessing their skills in order to drive economically and environmentally friendly does not make sense. Some questions arising from this situation are:

  • Is the driving test realistic enough?
  • Is it possible that developing the examiners awareness of their own driving style could contribute to the harmonisation and improvement of the standard of the driving test and thus make this a better steering and supporting factor for a realistic and natural driver training?

    To facilitate an environment for a fruitful discussion on these issues, the EAG invites you to the annual EAG workshop on Practical driving training for examiners which will take place on 27 April 2016 in Vilnius, Lithuania. The aims of the workshop are:

    • To raise awareness on the examiners' driving competence and the difference this can make when conducting driver tests. 
    • To exchange experiences on how to deal with the examiners' maintenance and development of their driving skills.
    • To inspire and motivate members through practical driving exercises for all participants that will focus on the importance of a comfortable and natural driving style that, as far as possible:

    o   is environmentally friendly, and
    o   could demonstrate our expectations to a current driver test candidate.

    With these goals in mind, the EAG has decided to organize an extremely practical event. For this purpose, Regitra, our CIECA Effective member from Lithaunia, will contribute to the workshop with the necessary vehicles.


    In order to proceed with the organization of the event, we would like to register the interest of all CIECA members interested in participating in the workshop. If you are planning to attend, please get in contact with Eva at your earliest convenience, as we need to foresee the quantity of vehicles that will be needed, and other logistic requirements that may arise (like automatic gear shifting system).

    • Agenda
    • Fee: This members' only event is free-of-charge
    • Location: Crowne Plaza Vilnius Hotel, Mk Ciurlino Street 84, Vilnius 03100, Lithuania.The information for participants will be available shortly.
    • Accommodation:  Crowne Plaza Vilnius Hotel,Mk Ciurlionio Street 84, Vilnius 03100, Lithuania. If you want to learn more about the hotel, please visit their web.
    • Rates:85€ / night (99€ / night double room). The rates include breakfast and internet connection.
    • Reservations: In order to book your room, please fill in the form provided and send it to reception@cpvilnius.com at your earliest convenience. We have book 50 rooms for the night of 26 April so please book your room by 29 March March 2016.
    • Deadline:The registration deadline for the event is 13 April 2016.
    • Working language:English