The implementation of Directive 2003/59/EC- Brussels, Belgium 16 December 2008

Seminar Report


1. Introduction and context

Presentation from European Commission on the requirements of directive 2003/59/EC, Alexander von Campenhausen, DG TREN of the European Commission
Overview of CIECA survey results on the implementation of the Directive for category D drivers , Agnes Reikl, CIECA

2. Periodic training

Approval and quality control of providers of periodic training in Denmark, Lis Caspersen, Road Safety and Transport Agency
The flexible menu system with regard to Dutch periodic training , Ad Philipsen, CBR, The Netherlands
Electronic system & central database for registration of qualifications, inc. periodic training in the United Kingdom
, David Shepherd, DSA, Great Britain
Recording qualifications on the driving licence in Latvia, Iuris Teteris, Road Safety Directorate, Latvia
Irish perspective on Periodic Training & Mutual Recognition of periodic training within the EU, Simon Shevlin, RSA, Ireland

3. Initial qualification: course attendance and a test: Approval and ongoing quality control monitoring of initial training centres, accelerated training programmes, examples of training providers, innovative training methods…

Initial qualification in France, Danielle Carmine, Ministry of Transport, France
Application in Germany of initial qualification with combined training and testing, Wilfried König, TÜV NORD Akademie
Initial qualification in Finland, Ari Herrala, AKE, Finland
CPC for drivers in Sweden: Initial qualification, Hans Mattsson, SRA, Sweden


4. Initial qualification: Test-only: Theory test, case studies, practical on-road test, practical/technical check, simulators/special terrain test

Initial qualification and periodic training for category D professional drivers in Belgium, Jacques Quoirin, GOCA, Belgium
Initial qualification in the Netherlands, Jacqueline Mathey, CBR, The Netherlands
Initial qualification in Northern Ireland, Brian Morrison, DVA, Northern Ireland
Initial Qualification in Hungary , Tamás Hima, NTA, Hungary - Given its size, the presentation for Hungary cannot be visualised here. Please contact the CIECA Secretariat.