Bikesafety 2002 - Assen, The Netherlands, 3-4 October 2002.

On 3 and 4 October 2002, CIECA organised the Bikesafety workshop. Over the 2 day period, numerous theory and practical workshops took place, covering topics such as hazard perception, ABS, motorcycles adapted for the physically handicapped, Compulsory Basic Training, the Advanced project on post license training, and the new special manoeuvres according to Directive 2000/56 (see programme). The event was attended by examiners, instructors, members of motorcycle organisations, ministerial representatives, members from road safety organisations, motorcycle manufacturers, representatives from testing authorities, etc. This meant that every topic that was discussed was considered from various different points of view and contacts were made with motorcycle riders from different branches and with different approaches.

On the second day of the event, the ARAI safety award was presented. The award goes out to the motorcycle magazine that has made the greatest contribution to the safety of motorcyclists and written the most striking article. This year the award went to Bike Magazine from the UK with a booklet and a series of articles on Brilliant Riding. “Fast, Safe, Beautiful riding doesn’t come easily. It requires practice, understanding and ultimately talent too. Our riding philosophy is simple: enjoy yourself. But respect the road, respect the bike and respect the rest of the world”.