Finances and European Projects Workshop - Brussels, Belgium, 14-15 April 2005.

CIECA has come a long way since it was founded in 1956. The organisation has developed and progressed into respected, professional and independent organisation involved in a variety of projects and research initiatives related to driver training, driver testing and rod safety. The last decade in particular, has seen a remarkable expansion in CIECA project activities. The expectations are that CIECA will witness an even more dramatic growth of project work, consultancy and member activities in the future. To sustain this growth and ensure growing professionalism and development, the CIECA members met during a workshop in Brussels to discuss the financing or CIECA’s future.
The workshop was divided into two parts.

Day 1: European Projects and their implications for CIECA members
CIECA is currently managing or involved in a number of important projects at European level and during this part of the workshop, an overview was given of the following projects.
TEST: Asessment of the content, location and duration of the driving test
MERIT: Driving instructor standards
MEDRIL: Medical controls for drivers
Nov-Ev: post-licence novice driver training

Day 2: Financing CIECA’s future
The workshop on the second day focussed on different methods and systems open to the CIECA members to safeguard the future of CIECA’s activities.