CIECA-HAK Congress Harmonisation Saves Lives - Zagreb, Croatia 29-30 May 2008

Introductory presentations
Welcome from CIECA, Willem Vanbroeckhoven, CIECA President
The Road Safety Context in Europe, Joël Valmain, European Commission
ETSC activities and the Road safety Performance Index, Antonio Avenoso, European Transport Safety Council
Concrete examples of best practice in the field of Road safety: The EU SUPREME Project, Martin Winkelbauer, Austrian Road safety Board

Session 1a: Technological Innovation in the Theoretical and Practical Driving Test
Virtual reality scenarios in the theory test, Bernd Weisse, ArgeTP-21, Germany
Hazard perception test (Virtual reality), Willem Vlakveld, SWOV, The Netherlands
Recording device and E-Card in the practical test, Eveliis Nagel, ARK, Estonia
Digital pen and mobile phone in the practical test, P-O Nilsson, SRA, Sweden
E-testing driving test on computer, Sinan Alispahic, HAK, Croatia

Session 1b: Second Phase Driver Training FORUM
What to avoid in second phase training, Gregor Bartl, Institut Gute Fahrt, Austria
Lessons from Finland, Sami Mynttinen, AKE, Finland
Lessons from Luxembourg, Marc Panacci, Luxembourg (Presentation temporarily not available)
Obligatory training for second phase training in Switzerland, Nick Sanders for Irene Burch, ASTRA, Switzerland
Evaluation results regarding the Austrian multiphase training, Michael Gatscha, Test&Training International, Austria

Session 2a: Youth Culture and Young Driver Road Safety Campaigns
Young drivers’ expectations for training and the test, Simon Christmas, SHM, England
Youth mobile and Safe Project, Maria-Luise Ferner, KfV, Austria
Youth scenes and risk behaviour, Manfred Zentner, Jugendkultur, Austria
The “Are you big enough?” Campaign in Germany, Christian Kellner, DVR, Germany
The Speak Out! Campaign, Cecilie Waterloo, NPRA, N