CIECA-VdTÜV Congress on Technology, Training & Testing- Berlin, Germany 7-8 May 2009

Introductory speeches and presentations
Welcome from VdTÜV, Dr. Klaus Brüggemann, President of the Board of the VdTÜV
Welcome from CIECA, Sonja Sporstøl, CIECA President
European Road Safety Policy: Future perspectives, Joël Valmain, European Commission
The i2010 Intelligent Car Initiative, Wolfgang Höfs, European Commission

1. Driver Assistance Technology

  • Driver Assistance Systems: Past and Future, Jacob Bangsgaard, FIA Foundation, int.
  • Driver Assistance systems and Mercedez-Benz, Jochen Haab, Mercedez-Benz, Germany. Given the size of the presentation, this presentation is available at the CIECA Secretariat.
  • Driver assistance systems from a psychological perspective, Dr. Katharina Dahmen-Zimmer, Universität Regensburg, Germany
  • Driver training and driver assistance systems, Gerhard von Bressensdorf, EFA, int.

2. Driver Training

  • Simulator training and its effects on young driver crashs, Wade Allen, Systemtech, United States
  • E-learning applications in novice driver offender courses, Anders af Wåhlberg, University of Uppsala, Sweden
  • Eco-driving training and campaign: results of a 3-year project, Kaj Schulte, DVR, Germany
  • The use of safety halls in driver training, Anders Nyberg, RTI, Sweden
  • The attitude advisor: attitude assessment for learner drivers, Charles Johnson, CAS, Great Britain
  • Development of the driver performance assessment, Erik Roelofs, CITO, The Netherlands

3. Driver Testing

  • Development of innovative testing tasks in the theory test, Bernd Weisse, ArgeTP-21, Germany
  • A new practical test in Victoria, Australia, Antonietta Cavallo, VicRoads, Australia
  • New developments in the Dutch practical test, Jan Vissers, DHV, The Netherlands