1 - 2 Dec 2011 - Technology seminar, Bratislava (Slovakia)

On 1 and 2 December, CIECA with the kind support of DEKRA will be holding a Members' Workshop on Driving Assistance Systems (DAS) and their impact on training and testing. This workshop aims at:

  • providing a first evaluation of new Driving Assistance Systems (DAS) and their impact on training and testing
  • allowing for an informed discussion about automatic transmissions, especially on heavy vehicles and the potential impact on testing and licensing.

DAS are increasingly standard features in modern cars. They help to relieve the driver and to avoid critical driving situations. This raises the question of how a category B trainee driver can learn to use these systems properly. Is it possible to learn how to operate and apply such devices in the relatively short time devoted to driver training? How should the driving examiner evaluate the use of DAS in the practical exam?

It is clear that the use of DAS will play an important role in the development of a future-oriented concept of road safety, particularly within the fields of freight and passenger transport (category licenses C + D);  at the same time, DAS will be a significant part of the development of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). The same can be said about modern cars with automatic transmission as, after all, the automatic transmission is also an assistance system.

Approximately 60% to 70% of all trucks sold today (cat. C) are equipped with half-and full automatic transmission, while 97% of all buses (cat. D) are sold with fully automatic transmission.

The definition of automatic formulated in the Directive 91/439/EEC is unsatisfactory and has led to many ambiguities in the use of driving test vehicles:

"Vehicle with automatic transmission" means a vehicle in which no clutch pedal (or lever for categories A or A1) is present."

The definition only speaks of a "presence" and not of a use of the clutch pedal. Meanwhile there are many semi-automatic gearboxes that allow various applications. Thus a variety of issues have arisen concerning the use of DAS and  automatic transmissions in the driver training and testing; these will be discussed, evaluated and  brought together in this workshop.

Please note that this is a member-only event. Should you need additional information, please feel free to contact Blanka Wirth

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  • Fee: The event is free-of-charge.
  • Location: Falkensteiner Hotel Bratislava, Pilarikova ulica 5, SK-811 03 Bratislava, see website
  • Hotel: Please note that seminar participants are responsible for making their own hotel reservation in the Falkensteiner Hotel Bratislava. Please download the hotel registration form.
  • Interpretation: The working language will be English. Additional background reading material will be provided online closer to the event.
  • Deadline: The deadline for registrations is 15 November 2011. Please note that we cannot guarantee room availability / rate after this date!

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