12 - 13 Dec 2012 - Members' Workshop: Common Examination Standards for Cat. A, Berlin (Germany)

EAG Workshop: Common Examination Standards for Category A

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Continuing the series of practical workshops organized by CIECA, the EAG would like to invite all CIECA members to attend this event.

The aim of this very practical workshop is to compare the views on working practices performed during the practical test for cat. A that intend to improve road safety. We would like to address the specific challenges created by the transposition, provide valuable experience and enhance the expertise of all CIECA member organizations, so that we all can learn, share and exchange experiences that work in the context of driver testing for cat. A.

The workshop will focus on the following practical issues:

  • Where to carry out the maneuvering test?
  • Safety equipment for the driver and the demands during the test
  • Safety check
  • Lead the motorcycle
  • Slow speed maneuvering
  • High speed maneuvering
  • Braking
  • Using of measuring equipment
  • Driving in traffic
  • The place of the examiner during the practical test
  • Demands for the motorcycle during the tests in different categories
  • The connection between road safety and the new driving test
  • How training leads to decreasing number of accidents
  • The connection between the theoretical and the practical test of cat. A 
  • Three wheel cars

All workshop participants are encouraged to participate actively in the event, and are also free to point out any special issues they would like to see addressed or discussed in the workshop. Please feel free to send your suggestions for the programme to Eva at eva.mateo@cieca.eu.

  • Agenda
  • Fee: The event is free-of-charge
  • Location: NH Berlin Mitte Hotel. See information for participants.
  • Accommodation: NH Berlin Mitte. The deadline for hotel bookings is 14 November 2012. For more details please refer to the document "information for participants".
  • Deadline: The registration deadline for the workshop is 4 December 2012.
  • Working language: The working language is English.