31 Jan - 01 Feb 2013 - Members' Workshop: How to measure Hazard Perception? Helsinki (Finland)


The Theory Test Advisory Group (TAG) is very pleased to hold the first workshop hosted by the group and invites all CIECA Members to attend the event that will take place in Helsinki on 31 January – 1 February 2013. Following the request of a number of CIECA Members, the TAG has decided to focus its first workshop on "hazard perception".  

The workshop is entitled "How to Measure Hazard Perception", and it intends to provide a  platform to collaboratively discuss and explore the state of art concerning "hazard perception" in its general concept, and more specifically in the context of road safety, driver training and testing, and in how to make valid measurements of it within the framework of driver examinations. 

The workshop aims to provide an overview of the topic and introduce different perspectives on how to deal with these developments within organizations that might be thinking of implementing a hazard perception test. Therefore, the workshop has been structured in two clearly different parts: 

(1) DAY 1 (31 January 2013): The first day of the workshop will be dedicated to setting up the theoretical base for a more practical discussion and to clarify exactly what is meant by the term hazard perception. On this day we will try to answer questions like:

  • What is HP?
  • Why should HP be tested?
  • What is the scope of the HP test (i.e. what are we measuring when we test HP)?
  • Why are we doing this type of measurement? 

(2) DAY 2 (1 February 2013): The second day will focus on the delivery of practical solutions for HP testing, and we expect to set up the basis for a lively discussion on the problems that HP testing can entail, and what sort of strategies could be used to solve these problems. The aim of this second day workshop is to deal with questions like: 

  • Is HP featured in the syllabus in your countries? How?
  • How to test a skill that is easy to educate but so difficult to measure.
  • Should HP be part of the theory test or should it be a separate test? Why?
  • How HP testing could impact training?
  • Should the HP test be a PC-based test?
  • How far should we go with simulations?
  • How to deal with potential hazards that normally do not show up but that could do?
  • The GDE matrix and HP: Can HP be the solution?