19 Apr 2013 - Member's Workshop: Assessing Ecodriving, Leuven (Belgium)

The EAG and the TAG are very pleased to invite all members to attend their first joined workshop that will deal with the assessment of eco-driving in the theory and in the practical driving test.

Eco-driving is one of the terms used to refer to a driving style that among other things should contribute to reducing fuel consumption, greenhouse gases, other air pollutant emissions and accident rates. It is also a practice of smooth, anticipatory driving, route planning, and other smart driving choices that should maximize fuel use.

In fact, economical driving, another of the terms used, has always been a concern for the persons and companies paying for the fuel, car manufacturers and, ultimately, for organizations dealing with driving training and testing. For the last 20 years, fuel consumption by new cars has been progressively reduced due to the development of new technologies. However, this is not enough as driver's behaviour and his driving style are also decisive. Drivers should be supported by a training and testing framework that acknowledges and facilitates the development of positive attitudes and the training and testing of driving techniques and strategies that contribute to the benefits that eco-driving can provide.  

Several names are used for this driving style in different countries, and one of the aims of this workshop would be to clarify the terminology and to agree on the meaning behind those terms.

We also want to hear from organizations that have already implemented eco-driving elements in their testing / training driving systems, so other organizations that might follow can gain insight from these experiences. In order to get the discussions going, we have asked two of our members, the Transportstyrelsen Swedish Transport Agency and the Confederación Nacional de Autoescuelas (Spain) to present their experiences to all CIECA members.  

  • Draft Agenda
  • Fee: Free-of-charge
  • Location: Park Inn, Leuven (Belgium). See information for participants.
  • Accommodation: See above. The deadline for hotel bookings is 5 April 2013. You can use the hotel reservation form; for more details please refer to the "information for participants".
  • Deadline: The registration deadline for the workshop is 12 April 2013.
  • Working language: English