6 - 7 Feb 2014 - TAG Workshop on Item Writing, Madrid (Spain)

The TAG (Theory Advisory Group) is pleased to offer an item-writing workshop to all CIECA members. The main objective of the workshop is to provide training on how to develop good exam questions, and to help understand the reason behind the election of certain types of items when constructing tests for the theoretical test to obtain a driving license.

The workshop is relevant for all professionals who want to learn to develop and refine test items, and for those seeking a refresher course and an opportunity to learn new skills.

As always, the TAG aims to organize a very active workshop where participants: 

  • benefit from a thorough review of item-writing guidelines and engage in a dynamic item-writing session.
  • write items in groups and provide feedback within and across other groups.

The agenda will include a review of item writing guidelines, a comparison of test construction and item writing in a number of TAG organizations, a dynamic item-writing session, and the opportunity to interact with CIECA members on this issue.


Fee: This members' only event is free-of-charge.

Location: Dirección General de Tráfico, Madrid, Spain

Accommodation: Silken Puerta Madrid, C/Juan Rizi 5, 28027 Madrid, Spain. If you want to learn more about the hotel, please visit their web: http://www.hoteles-silken.com/en/hotels/puerta-madrid/

Please note that the hotel is only 15 km. away from the airport (and a bit far from the city centre). There is a free shuttle service provided by the hotel but it can only be booked one month in advance of the date of arrival. At the moment the service runs every 30minutes all days of the week from 8 am to 1 pm, and from 5.30 pm to 10.30 pm.

Rates: Arrival 6 February 2014 - Departure 7 February 2014: 85 € / night (95 € double room). The rates include breakfast and internet connection. All taxes are included.

The hotel is offering special rates for any person wishing to stay between 7 and 10 February 2014: 55€ / night (60 € double room). Conditions of the bookings as above.

Reservations: In order to book your room, please contact Ms. Cristina Baustista at jrecep.puertamadrid@hoteles-silken.com providing the following code: BLOCK ID 700339.

Please book your room by 30 January 2014. Rooms can be cancelled without charge up to 24 hours before arrival.