27 Feb 2014 - Tractor Workshop, Brussels

Working conditions of farmers have considerably changed over the past decades: landscapes of the countryside have been profoundly remodeled following land reparcelling, farms have grown bigger and the distance from farm fields have become greater, leading farmers to drive bigger sized agricultural vehicles on more and more frequented roads, sometimes by night.

The cohabitation of agricultural vehicles with other road users is thus a real stake in safety, in which farmers must be made particularly conscious.

Within the framework of the free movement of persons and goods in the European Union and of the introduction of a community model of driving licence, each motor vehicle driver circulating on public roads must hold a driving licence issued according to minimum harmonized requirements (age, standards for driving tests…) through 3 directives on the driving licence, namely those of 4th December 1980, 29th July 1991 and 20th December 2006.

However, according to the First Council Directive of 4 December 1980 on the introduction of a Community driving licence 80/1263/EEC (Article 3 (3), agricultural or forestry tractors are not considered as "motor vehicles" and the conditions of their driving are not specified within the European Union.

Thus, the current situation is very different in the Member States (specific category of driving licence or not, only training or information of farmers).

We therefore need to gain a precise overview of the situation, identify the measures taken in this domain and draw lessons on the best practices observed.

This is the subject of the workshop of 27th February 2014 held in Brussels and organized at CIECA members' request.

As for the previous workshops on the implementation of the 3rd Directive on driving licences (2012-2013), a final report will be published and presented to the European Commission.

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  • Location: CIECA office Brussels. See information for participants.
  • Accommodation: Atlas Hotel Brussels. Please download the hotel reservation form. The deadline for hotel bookings has been extended until Friday 7 February 2014.
  • Deadline: The registration deadline for the workshop is Thursday 20 February 2014.
  • Working language: English